Speech Coaching

Along with being a writer and comedian, I’ve taught stand-up comedy to people of all ages and confidence levels, taking them from no material to performing at a club. I know that you can’t make someone funny, but, in my experience, I’ve met less than 10 people who had absolutely no sense of humor.

You can and should be funny in your speech. When you do it, you’ll stand out. When people laugh, they relax, keep listening … and they’ll want you back, and they’ll recommend you to their colleagues.

There are spots in any speech where some laughs can work. I’ll help you find those places and together we’ll work on new material. It will fit in seamlessly. It will enhance your message, and you’ll deliver your new lines with confidence.

Whether your speech is tomorrow or in three months, I can help. Contact me and let’s make your more memorable.


Here’s what some of my former clients have said:

“Steve helped me with my first TED talk. His encouragement and advice were great. I figured out what I wanted to say and felt much more confident going in.” – Eric Butorac, director of Pro Tennis Operations and Player Relations for the USTA

“Steve’s not only a great teacher and good sport, but a thorough professional, both knowledgeable and perceptive. He’s a funny guy who knows how and when to be serious. A very rare combination.” – Geoffrey James, author of Business Without the Bullsh*t”