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Steve Calechmanís fifth grade teacher changed the course of history. On his report card she said that he had ďan excellent use of humor but his map of Norway needs work.Ē While difficult to handle, Steve decided to give up on a career in geography, but he began to consider a life in comedy for the first time. Aside from annoying classmates, Steve didnít do anything until two years later, when in 1981 he played his first big and still best paying show at his bar mitzvah. His set was tight. The three-piece powder blue suit was sharp. And the rabbi had trouble following him. Steve imagined that one day it might be worth driving for hours to roadside bars, VFW halls, and even a zoo, to try and recapture the thrill.

It wasnít until 1991, a year after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, that Steve decided to completely disappoint his parents by embarking on dual careers Ė low-paying comedian and low-paying journalist. Both found him stuck in near-empty rooms late at night. As a comedian, at least he could do the droning on about traffic patterns. Things have since improved.

Heís told jokes at the Roman Coliseum and into Elvis Presleyís microphone. Heís auctioned off pinball machines and been gently slapped on the tush by a Hollywood actress Ė all in the name of charity. Heís emceed the Boston Jewish Film Festivalís Fiddler on the Roof sing-along. He's appeared in The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Heís shilled couches, mashed potatoes and the weather in commercials. Heís been named a comic on the verge of breaking out by The Boston Globe. And in the most direct approach to revisiting his glory days, heís performed at numerous temples where dinner has usually been chicken. 

The journalism career has also grown, allowing Steve to combine his reporting and comedy skills. Heís a contributing editor for Menís Health. While he hasnít made it to the chest-shaving beat, he has written about the difference between a sweet potato and a yam, the consequences of objecting at a wedding, and how to get a song out of your head. Heís working on making this into a musical, except for the getting the song out of your head part, since that would be counterproductive.

Steve's also proud to say that he didnít abandon his early love for geography. He knows all 42 state capitals.

If you would like to hire Steve for a show or event, feel free to contact him.

In Other Work:

Since 2008, I've been the announcer for the Boston Lobsters tennis team. Along with the sponsor requirements, I explain the rules, help people lose their inhibitions, interview players and legends, such as Martina Hingis, Lindsay Davenport and Billie Jean King, and give out nicknames as part of player introductions. For Martina Navratilova, it was Top Cat. If you come, you get to cheer, yell, and dance if you're so inclined. It's a good time for all ages, but wait for the summer when the actual matches are happening. It's more productive that way. Northshore magazine has been nice enough to feature me. 

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