I say funny things. I’ve done it in clubs, colleges, theaters, roadside bars, temples, boats, zoos and on a ladder. I used to talk about dating. Now it’s about having two young kids and the ability to sleep in chairs. I’ve worked with people you’ve heard of – Sarah Silverman, Steven Wright and Bobcat Goldthwait. I was in The Proposal with Sandra Bullock, and I’ve been a correspondent for the New England Patriots online show where I had fans suggest birthday presents for Bill Belichick and got ESPN’s Kenny Mayne to challenge Master P to a dance-off.

I’ve run auctions, making people outbid other people for African safaris, rounds of golf and Billie Jean King’s shampoo. I’ve twice emceed a Fiddler on the Roof sing-along and and come in second on an episode of Jeopardy.

From 2008-2015, I was the Voice of the Boston Lobsters professional tennis team. Along with introducing players and keeping the crowd involved, I danced backup for Tracy Austin’s rendition of “Call Me”, got Lindsay Davenport to admit that her oldest child was her favorite and discovered that Ms. King’s first concert was Jefferson Airplane. If you have an event that involves a racket and ball – even if you don’t – and need someone to sit in an umpire’s chair and provide quality chatter, I’m your guy.

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